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Kelly Threadgill


#Virtual 2023 Speaker

Kelly is currently the CEO and Creator of Math Stackers where she gets to interact with, learn from, and create small group math activities for educators all over the USA. Her main passion is taking concepts in math that have historically confused or frustrated the heck outta folks and creating new ways to see & experience how these concepts operate, leading to a generation of kids that are the BOSS of math (instead of the other way around)! Prior to starting Math Stackers she taught for 10 years, having the awesome opportunity to teach 8th, 4th, and 3rd grades. During this time, she earned her masters in Mathematics with an emphasis on Math Education. She currently lives in Houston with her husband, kids and Waffles the doodle and loves the outdoors, traveling, and finding opportunities to play and laugh!

Kelly Threadgill
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