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School, District, and Aspiring Leaders!

As a school leader, you have thousands of choices you make each day. From personnel decisions (who's going to cover that classroom today?) to small things that matter a lot to people (how quickly can we get the copy machine fixed?), you must consider multiple perspectives and consequences with every choice you make. CHOICE Leadership is all about just that, making decisions around key leadership competencies such as culture, human resources, operations, instruction, coaching, and equity. Join fellow school leaders as we examine, discuss, and construct approaches to tackle real-life scenarios we face in school each day.

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Join us for

join Dr. Adam Dovico for a special leadership session at any of our Elevate! In-Person Conferences!

At this special breakout session, leaders will come together to work through real-life scenarios that you face each day. We will work collaboratively to find multiple solutions and perspectives that will strengthen your leadership and prepare you for new challenges ahead. You will realize that making informed and brave choices is what leadership is all about!

You Can
Join Us for
50% OFF!

Take advantage of our special Admin Deal!
Send 5 of your teachers to any of our Elevate! Dallas, Nashville or Phoenix conferences this summer, and receive 50% off of your Admin registration!

E-mail to secure your discounted ticket!

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