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Mr. Greg

Kindergarten Teacher,
Speaker and Curriculum
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Gerry Brooks

Book Author and Youtube Star


Katie Garner

Author of Secret Stories


Barry White Jr.

School Principal and Presenter

Topics Covered

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  • Demystifying Coping Skills for Kids by Allie Szczecinski
    Abdelmageed, Reham I., et al. “Coping Strategies among Children and Adolescents: Validity and Reliability of the Arabic Version of the Kidcope Scale.” Heliyon, vol. 8, no. 1, 1 Jan. 2022, p. e08706,, Accessed 11 Apr. 2022. BetterKidCare, Penn State Extension. “Promoting Coping Skills.” Plone Site, Brasher, Joan. “New Research Identifies Best Coping Strategies for Kids.” Vanderbilt University, 2017, Child Mind Institute. “How to Model Healthy Coping Skills.” Child Mind Institute, Cohen, Leonora M., and Erica Frydenberg. Coping for capable kids: Strategies for parents, teachers, and students. PRUFROCK PRESS INC., 2006. Purcell, M., & Glinder, K. (2022). Teaching Kids to Pause, Cope, and Connect: Lessons for Social Emotional Learning and Mindfulness. Free Spirit Publishing.
  • Reading Stations Simplified by Ashley Schroeder
    Yonchai, P. (2023). The Development of the Blended Learning Model Using Rotating Stations (BLRS) in the Case of a Small Elementary School. Oktarianto, M. L., Hidayat, A., Ghofur, A., & Dasna, I. W. (2023). The Effect of Station Rotation Learning Model on Critical Thinking in Elementary School-level Students. KnE Social Sciences, 134-144.
  • Become an SEL Writing Detective! by Crystal Oswald
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  • Make Learning Fun! by Hilary Statum
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  • STEP Right Up! Write This Way! by LeAnna Wolkis
    1. Ihmeideh, F. (2015). The impact of dramatic play centre on promoting the development of children's early writing skills. European Early Childhood Education Research Journal, 23(2), 250-263. 2. Schrodt, K., Barksdale, B., & Fields, R. S. (2022). Self-Directed Kindergarten Writers. Texas Journal of Literacy Education, 9(2), 12-29. 3. Knight, J. A., Block, M. K., & Flory, M. (2014). “They Just Loved to Be Experts”: Teachers’ Perspectives on Inspiring Writing in the Kindergarten Classroom. The Utah Journal of Literacy, 17. 4. Meier, D. R. (2013). Integrating content and mechanics in new language learners' writing in the primary classroom. YC Young Children, 68(1), 16. 5. Byington, T. A., & Kim, Y. (2017). Promoting preschoolers’ emergent writing. YC Young Children, 72(5), 74-82.
  • Tinkering with STEAM: The Power of Loose Parts by Melysa Mei
    "The Utilization of Loose Parts Media in STEAM Learning for Early Childhood" by Siti Wahyuninsh et al. -Link]( "The Importance of STEAM Loose Part Learning Effectiveness in Early Childhood Cognitive Learning" by Siti Muntomimah et al. -[Link]( "STEM Learning and Loose Parts in Early Elementary Classrooms: A Scoping Review" by Carla Gull et al.- [Link]( "Increase Creativity and Imagination Children Through Learning Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics with Loose Parts Media" -[Link]( "Tinkering in K-12: An Exploratory Mixed Methods Study of Makerspaces in Schools as an Application of Constructivist Learning" by Ashley Cross. -[Link](

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Our Virtual Speakers

We are proud to bring accomplished speakers from across the country!

Mr. Greg

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Gerry Brooks

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Katie Garner


Barry White Jr.



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Adam Dovico

Cystal (3).png

Allie Szczecinski

Shannon (2).png

Anne Marie Phelan


Ashley Schroeder

ELEVATE Speakers square images - 2023-12-05T014912.962.png

Beth Pittman

Cystal (1).png

Crystal Oswald

ELEVATE Speakers square images - 2023-12-05T013937.333.png

Debbie Clement

Hilary (2).png

Hilary Statum


Holly Ehle

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Jackie Powell

ELEVATE Speakers square images - 2023-12-05T021805.972.png

Jake Daggett

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Jamie Hubbard

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Mr. Jay

Katie knight.png

Katie Knight

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Katie Wonderly

keri 2.png

Keri Brown

LeAnna (2).png

LeAnna Wolkis Goldstein

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Lindsay Harrison


MaríaMercedes Champion

Mary 2.png

Mary Amoson

Hilary (5).png

Kara Rigsby & Megan Diede

ELEVATE Speakers square images - 2023-12-05T005913.918.png

Melysa Mei


Michael Newman

Cystal (4).png

Pam Gittleman

Shannon (1).png

Shannon Cunningham Lanning

ELEVATE Speakers square images - 2023-12-05T022908.685.png

Sharyn Kish

Hilary (4).png

Stephanie Higgs

Whitney (1).png

Whitney Ramirez


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