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Meet Your Instructors

Professor Holly Ehle

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Holly is a full-time educator who has over 20 years of experience teaching kindergarten and serving as an early literacy specialist. She currently has the very unique opportunity of teaching both beginning readers AND pre-service teachers in her new position as a Professor of Reading Science, teaching both in the college classroom and in the university’s science of reading pre-k - 4th grade model school program. Holly is passionate about student engagement, differentiated instruction, early literacy, and educational neuroscience. She is currently wrapping up her Ph.D. in Reading, Language, & Literacy with a specialization in Educational Neuroscience and loves helping teachers better understand exactly how the brain learns when beginning to read and write. Professionally, her mission is to teach EVERY child to be a proficient reader and writer, including those with dyslexia and/or other learning challenges. Outside of the classroom, her mission is to help teachers bridge the gap between research and practice in fun and engaging ways. Holly is also dedicated to giving back to educators who work so hard in the classroom, and it was this shared passion that forged her connection with the Kindergarten Smorgasboard/ELEVATE team.

Jake is an Ohio native who began his teaching career in Milwaukee, WI in 2015. Having specialized in literacy and phonics instruction, Jake built a following on social media for his engaging and rhythmic phonics lessons. He is extremely passionate about structured literacy and inclusive classrooms. Jake is in his 8th year of teaching and currently teaches First Grade. On the side, Jake mentors college students as they work through their senior year courses in elementary literacy. He is thrilled to be back for a third year at ELEVATE!

Jake Daggett

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Want to become confident in your science of reading knowledge? Looking for ways to implement the science of reading-aligned practices in your classroom? Curious about sound walls, structured literacy, and orthographic mapping? Well, Elevate! Academy is launching a new, specialized course focused exclusively on the science of reading. All this and more will be covered in this 10-module course by Holly Ehle and Jake Daggett, two of Elevate!’s featured presenters! PLUS, for those SOR experts, each module will ALSO feature a Resource Hub with lesson templates and resources.

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